Electric Subsea Thruster

From Copenhagen Subsea A/S

Configuration overview

We provide our customers with solutions based on the requirements and purpose of their specific application. We offer a combination of different propellers as well as inlet and outlet rings that may be configured in two different setups: Asymmetric or Symmetric.

Configuration Video

Configuration Video


The Asymmetric setup is optimized to deliver high and efficient thrust in a primary direction. This setup is often used as the main propulsion in vehicles that have a forward direction.


The Symmetric setup is optimized to deliver the same amount of thrust in both directions. This setup is often used in station keeping ROV's where it is important to position the ROV precisely despite of strong currents.   

Version Small


The VS is a small but powerful thruster. The VS thruster provides your subsea vehicle with a thrust force of up to 250 Newton. 



The VS accommodates supply voltage between 24-800 VDC.


Version Small

Version Medium

Version Large

Version Extra Large


Version Medium


The VM is a compact thruster with a high thrust force for its size. The VM thruster provides your subsea vehicle with a thrust force of up to 600 Newton. 


The VM accommodates supply voltage between 24-800 VDC.

Version Large


The VL is our large thruster. With high thrust force and optimal efficiency, the VL provides your subsea vehicle with a thrust force of up to 1400 Newton. 

The VL accommodates supply voltages between 24-800 VDC.


Version Extra Large (VXL)

The VXL is our largest thruster with high thrust force and optimal efficiency, the VXL provides your subsea vehicle with a thrust force of up to 2400 Newton. 

The VXL accommodates supply voltages between 24-800 VDC.

Motor Controller

We use only reliable off-the-shelf motor controllers. The motor controller performance is tuned to match the electrical parameters of the thruster.


The input to the motor controller is a DC supply power and a control signal. the RPM of the thruster is controlled via the control signal.


We offer motor controllers which cover a voltage range between 24 VDC and 800 VDC, and we provide different versions of motor controllers. The selection of the right
motor controller depends on the voltage and power requirements of each individual case. We
 support the most commonly used communication protocols. 


Unique Product Features

  • Fast response time - high maneuverability.

  • Only one moving part - low acoustic sound signature.

  • Only solid molded parts - no sealing needed, no oil inside and no air inside.

  • Ultra high reliability. 

  • Low friction - seawater lubricated bearings provide high efficiency.

  • Hubless propeller - low risk of entanglement. 

  • Easily exchangeable propeller.

  • Compact format - unprecedented power/size ratio.