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AUV Main Propulsion - Image 1.png


Reliable & Powerful

The AUV propulsion is based on our reliable and powerful subsea thruster technology.

The electrical design of the thrusters is customized to fit the customer's requirements. The thrusters are designed with an angled penetrator to easily mount the thruster on the AUV.


The AUV propulsion also includes a 3D printed AUV bracket which is designed for subsea operation. The AUV bracket is used as both an inlet nozzle and to attach the thruster to the AUV. The AUV propulsion is designed with reliability as the highest priority.    

AUV Main Propulsion - Image 2.png
AUV Main Propulsion - Image 1.png



The AUV bracket is designed in different versions; short and long versions. Copenhagen Subsea can provide the AUV bracket for all the thruster versions (VS - VXL). The bracket is 3D printed and made of composite material. This makes the AUV bracket strong and robust to operate in a demanding subsea environment.  


The thrusters are extremely robust and reliable due to their unique thruster design. The surrounding seawater cools the thruster and enables operation at maximum power for extended periods of time. The result is an exceptionally powerful and reliable propulsion solution. The AUV thruster is customized with an angled penetrator such the thruster is suitable for an AUV.


  • Motor Controller can be added

  • Maintenance tools

  • Connector or open cable-end

  • Individual pressure verification test


Get in touch with us to find out more or download our brochure to learn out more about the AUV Propulsion from Copenhagen Subsea.

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