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Client Cases

Our unique and innovative subsea thrusters have brought success and outstanding results to clients around the world.

Scroll down the page to discover a brief outline of the different applications.


Hydro Hull Cleaning A/S 

Hydro Hull Cleaning A/S has established a new standard for underwater hull cleaning using high-pressure water from an electric ROV. We have supplied this customer with our innovative thruster technology.

Watch the video to see our subsea thrusters in action.

Embry-Riddle  University 

Embry-Riddle University has mounted our thrusters to their Autonomous Surface Vessel (WAM-V 16 ASV) for the RobotX Competition 2018. The vehicle is designed to navigate and race through an aquatic obstacle course. The vehicle performs tasks that are being developed for coastal surveillance, port security and other types of oceanographic operations. 


Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Reseach Kiel

GEOMAR research institute has mounted our thrusters at the "JAGO" submersible.

"JAGO" is a manned submersible primarily dedicated to exploration and research in marine sciences. 

The pictures are from a visit by HM The Queen Margrethe II of Denmark at GEOMAR. Where the JARGO submersible was presented, equipped with thrusters build in the queens hometown Copenhagen.   


Unmanned Systems

DEMCON Unmanned Systems has mounted our thrusters on their Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). The propulsion solution on the USV is 2x thrusters in the rear as main propulsion and 1 x thruster as a bow-thruster.


DEMCON Unmanned Systems develops and supplies unmanned and autonomous systems for various industrial applications. Eg. Hydrographic surveying – click on the video below to see the vehicle in action.  

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