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The asymmetric configuration is a highly efficient propulsion solution for applications in which the thruster is used in one primary direction. It is typically used as the main propulsion for battery driven vehicles, where efficient propulsion has a positive effect on the duration of the mission.

The consequence of optimized efficiency in the forward direction is reduced efficiency in the reverse. However, the thruster will still provide enough thrust to move even large vehicles in the reverse direction. 



 The symmetric configuration is superior in subsea operations which require the thruster to be equally efficient in both directions. In the symmetric configuration, the thruster is optimized to deliver the same amount of thrust in both directions. This setup is often used in station keeping ROV's where it is important to position the ROV precisely even in strong currents.

The symmetric configuration is also optimal as tunnel thrusters built into the hull of a subsea vehicle used for station keeping and positioning of the vehicle in the water.



This thruster is ideal for compact vessel integration. By using a symmetric propeller, the thruster functions optimally as a tunnel thruster built into the hull of a subsea vehicle. Often used for vehicles that perform station keeping and depend upon exact positioning in the water.

Performance Data for VS

The figure below shows the performance of the thruster. The graphs are based on measured data. These measurements are preliminary and may be changed as more accurate measurement methods are developed. 

Thruster Simulation

We diligently use CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to analyze and optimize our thrusters so we can offer our customers the best solutions. We use CFD to simulate the flow through the thruster in order to optimize the shroud at the trailing edge, the surface, and the propeller profile.


For further information please download our simulation document.   

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