Maintenance of the Thruster


Due to their construction, our thrusters are extremely robust and durable. However, it is important to take good care of the thruster. Proper care will ensure longevity and reliable operation for many years. We suggest three types of maintenance:


 • Water flushing

 • Inspection and cleaning - bearing, rotor and stator

 • Exchange of propeller

Please note: the thruster must not be activated without water to lubricate the bearings.

Water Flushing

In order to extend the lifetime of the thruster, it should be flushed with fresh water after use.


The thruster has a coupling nozzle placed on the flange ring. A Ø6x1 hose will fit the coupling nozzle. Flush the thruster with plenty of fresh water through the hose and turn the propeller round by hand during flushing.

For further information, please download our thruster manual.

Inspection & Cleaning

In order to perform maintenance on the rotor and stator, it is necessary to partly disassemble the motor.


This is done in two steps. First, apply the bearing puller and remove the bearing ring. Second, apply the rotor puller and pull out the rotor.

The first visual maintenance inspection must be done after 50 hours of operation. Hereafter, visual maintenance is only required after each 200 hours of operations for the rest of the thruster’s lifetime.


For further information, please download our thruster manual.


Exchange of Propeller

If the propeller is damaged, or you want to update the hydrodynamic profile, the thruster's innovative design enables you to exchange the propeller easily and quickly.


For further information, please download our thruster manual.

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