Thruster Accessories


 We offer two types of propeller: symmetric and asymmetric.

The propeller is manufactured in a unique combination of two printing materials which provides both strength and durability. The use of 3D printing allows us to continuously update the hydrodynamic propeller profile and offer improved versions of the propeller to our customers.  


Inlet & Outlet Rings

The inlet and outlet rings are made in a special neutral buoyant polymer which has the unique characteristics to fulfill the requirements for subsea operations.

The inlet and outlet rings may be added to improve the hydrodynamic performance of the thruster.

Moreover, the rings are part of the optimization for asymmetric operation during which the thruster becomes extra efficient in one direction.


Bearing Puller

In order to perform maintenance on the rotor, it is necessary to partly disassemble the motor. This is done in two steps. First, apply the bearing puller and remove the bearing ring. Second, apply the rotor puller and pull out the rotor from the stator housing in a safe way, as described below.


The bearing puller, crafted in alloy and aluminum, is developed and manufactured by Copenhagen Subsea A/S. The bearing puller is customized for our subsea thruster and must be applied as part of the maintenance process. The bearing puller is purchased as an additional product.


Rotor Puller

The rotor puller must be applied to pull out the rotor from the stator housing in a safe way. The rotor puller must be used to avoid material damages or personal injuries when maintaining the thruster. The magnetic force in the thruster is strong. If handled incorrectly, it may damage itself and/or cause injuries. 

The rotor puller is developed and manufatured by Copenhagen Subsea A/S and crafted in alloy and aluminum. The rotor puller is customized for our subsea thrusters and is purchased as an additional product.


Cable & Connector

Because our thruster must be able to manage a wide span of supply voltages, it also requires high-quality cables and connectors. We use industry standard SubConn Connectors which are delivered with the thruster by default.


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