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The revolutionary series of powerful and silent subsea thrusters from Copenhagen Subsea A/S has been developed with reliability as the highest priority.

The outstanding reliability of our thrusters has been verified through intensive testing, and our technology has proven its durability through key customers´ intensive use during subsea operations.

Reliable,Powerful and Silent Subsea Thrusters


Running at maximum power for 1000 hours with no breakdowns! Performance and durability of our thrusters certified through in-water testing at the facilities of Kapacitet A/S.

The tests showed no degradation and no decrease of performance.


Due to our unique design, the surrounding seawater cools the thruster and enables operation at maximum power for extended periods of time. The result is exceptional high thrust force compared to conventional thrusters.  


The increasing utilization and exploration of the oceans cause sound pollution. This is an unwanted side-effect that disturbs marine life.

Our innovative electrical design has no gears, only one moving part, and bearings that make use of the surrounding seawater for lubrication. These unique features lead to significantly reduced sound levels and minimal disturbance of surrounding marine life.


No gearbox or oil inside. Lubrication of the bearings is provided solely by the surrounding seawater.


No toxic fluids inside to compensate for subsea pressure. Our thruster is solid and completely fluid-free. One of the advantages in relation to conventional thrusters, which use a fluid for pressure compensation, is that our thrusters are 100% pollution-free. Spillage will never occur! 


Low propeller inertia and high motor torque result in fast response when changing thruster RPM. Fast response makes the underwater vehicle highly maneuverable, provide accurate results, and improves working conditions for pilots. High thrust force makes precise navigation possible - even in strong currents. 


Low total life cycle cost as a consequence of reduced downtime.


Our thruster contains only one moving part: the rotor. No mechanical parts touch. No risk of entanglement.

No gearbox inside. This unique feature of the rim driven thruster reduces maintenance costs dramatically and makes the investment worthwhile.  


Remotely Operated


The compact size makes it easy to integrate the thruster into a range of ROV designs. High reliability and strong thrust output make it the optimal choice for ROV propulsion.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Our design provides a unique possibility to have all mechanical propulsion components placed outside the AUV vehicle, thus enabling optimized vehicle design.

Manned Submersible Vehicle

Reduced noise level makes the thruster ideal for manned submersibles, and enhances the feeling of tranquility underwater. High reliability is crucial for this type of application.

Remotely Operated Vehicle

Remotely Operated Vehicle

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Manned Submersible Vehicle

Manned Submersible Vehicle

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